Management and statutory compliance


Gaapex offers financial and statutory management services for your business. It covers the whole oversight of the accounting function, the deployment of appropriate procedures within the organization, the projection and monitoring of cash-flows, the analysis of financial results as well as any other task linked to the financial management.

As part of that, we can deploy management accounting solutions which allow the business to take the right decisions using all data available.

Please feel free to contact us in order to build together the right solution meeting your corporate needs.


Swiss law has strict provisions with respect to the capital management. It is a requirement for the directors to ensure that the company has an appropriate level of equity in order to protect the potential creditors’ claims. As a consequence, the directors have to ensure that the debts are covered and therefore the equity is positive. Should that not be the case, appropriate measures have to be taken.

Gaapex can assist you with the monitoring of the level of capital in order to be compliant the capital management provisions. We can also work with you in order to take appropriate measures should the company become overindebted.


Gaapex can manage the compliance of your legal entity based in Switzerland. This includes the monitoring of your commercial register records, the preparation of shareholders’ meeting minutes as well as any relevant action in order to ensure your company remains compliant with all tax and legal requirements.

Thanks to our network of public notaries, we are able to manage the foundation of your company or a legal entity anywhere in Switzerland on your behalf. We can handle all the legal and administrative steps required. The includes the registration of your newly established company with the relevant tax authorities (VAT), social authorities (AVS, pension fund) and insurances.

It is a legal requirement to keep the commercial register records up-to-date. Thanks to our online platform, you are able to request an update to your company records anytime. Gaapex will action the required steps in order to fill the change with the commercial register and any other relevant authority.

A shareholders’ meeting is to be convened every year in order to present the annual report and seek approval of the financial statements.
If the company has a sole shareholder, the shareholder meeting is an administrative exercise that requires the preparation of a limited number of paperwork. Should there be multiple shareholders, the preparation of the meeting might require more attention in order to satisfy the expectations of all parties without compromising protected information. In that case, it is also critical to ensure that all the formalities have been respected.
Gaapex can help you prepare the shareholders’ meeting, write the meeting minutes and ensure all the topics required by law have been properly addressed in order to avoid any subsequent legal claim.
The transformation and the merger of legal entities can be a complex process depending on various factors such as the ownership structure or the size of the respective entities. Depending on the circumstances, an audit might also be required. Gaapex can assist you with the transformation or merger of your legal entities, prepare all relevant documents and perform appropriate accounting steps, including the coordination with the auditors and the relevant authorities.
The process of liquidating a legal entity can be substantially eased with the assistance of a qualified accountant. Gaapex has an in-depth experience with the underlying procedures in Switzerland. We can therefore take care of the liquidation of those entities that are no longer needed from an accounting, tax and legal perspective.
The liquidation process in Switzerland follows the following steps:
  • Preparation of a liquidation balance sheet
  • Resolution of the liquidation (act to be made by a notary)
  • Call to creditors published in the official journal
  • Liquidation of assets and liabilities
  • Dissolution of the entity (not earlier than one year after the last call to the creditors)
Gaapex can carry all the liquidation steps on your behalf.