Small and medium enterprises

Are you a dynamic company looking for a reliable and IT-oriented accounting firm?

Gaapex provides accounting services dedicated to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our know-how includes the preparation of Swiss statutory, Swiss GAAP FER or IFRS financial statements. We are also able to assist you with mergers and acquisitions (due diligence), taxes and VAT as well as with audit requirements for your Swiss legal entities.

Due diligence

Gaapex assists you with merger and acquisition transactions, either in Switzerland or internationally. We provide due diligence services focusing on financial risks of the acquired company.

The extent of due diligence work is always a matter of judgement and is usually discussed and agreed in details with the client.

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Financial statements

Gaapex certified accountants have expertise with the following accounting frameworks:

  • Swiss code of obligations: statutory accounting framework for Swiss companies. The financial statements prepared in accordance with the code of obligations have to be approved by the Board of directors and the shareholders. Based on the “principle of determination”, they also determine the taxable income of the company.
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): the IFRS accounting framework is mainly used by large companies and those listed on the stock market. Depending of your investors’ needs, the preparation of financial statements in accordance to IFRS might be required.
  • Swiss GAAP FER: accounting framework applied by Swiss medium-size companies as well as by companies listed in Switzerland, it provides a true and faire view of the financial positions of the company. Swiss GAAP FER is an interesting alternative to IFRS.

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Audit and examinations

The audit of the financial statements can be either a legal requirement or a request made either by the Board of Directors or the shareholders.

Gaapex is certified as an audit expert issued by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) and all our audit engagements are supervised by Certified accountants and members of EXPERTsuisse. The audit services provided include but are not limited to the following:

  • Limited statutory examination
  • Incorporation in kind
  • Audit in accordance to the mergers act
  • Other audit engagements

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Tax and VAT

Gaapex assists you with the preparation of your VAT and tax returns. We can also assist you with the setup of your foreign VAT and tax registrations.

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