Digitalize your accounting

Gaapex turns accounting into a simple and intuitive management tool. Our innovative solutions enable you to edit and enter invoices directly in our applications, without any outside intervention.

Accounting at the service of your company

Bookkeeping using web-based ERP software

Your bookkeeping is kept up-to-date semi-automatically using modern web-based ERP tools. That turns your ERP software into a controlling tool for the benefit of your company.

The advantages for you

  • Access to the same web interface for your company and Gaapex
  • Possibility of carrying out part or all of your bookkeeping process in-house, depending on your current requirements
  • Your instance belongs to you and you have no contractual or functional dependence on your fiduciary partner. You are free to perform bookkeeping in-house at any time and to continue to use the installed accounting tool.


Our solutions


  • Semi-automated online bookkeeping
  • ERP software suite comprising a wide range of applications (finance and accounting, sales, marketing, CRM, human resources, etc.)
  • Suitable for start-ups and mid-sized companies
  • Odoo supports your growth and adapts to your needs
  • Software hosted by, our Open-Net partner or installed locally on your servers.

Zoho Books

  • Semi-automated bookkeeping
  • Automatic invoice generation based on offers accepted by your customers
  • Cloud solution hosted in Europe
  • Interface with Zoho CRM and many other applications from the Zoho suite.


  • Online accounting tool
  • Accounting and payroll administration
  • Automated interface with some Swiss banks.

How an engagement can be organized – an example

Thanks to shared access to your accounting platform and a dynamic and flexible relationship, Gaapex enables you to choose which activities you want to keep in-house and which you want to outsource. 

Tasks performed in-house

  • Customer invoicing
  • Input of supplier invoices
  • Importing bank files

Tasks performed by Gaapex

  • Reconciliation of banking transactions imported by the client
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual closing
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements
  • Preparation of salary slips and payroll administration
  • Preparation of VAT declarations
  • Preparation of tax declarations

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